How The Media Failed Women in 2013


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2 or 3 things are funny… most of them are not. Worth a watch!


Keep A Breast Canada: Getting Creative with Cancer Awareness


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This caught my eye…. 

The Keep A Breast Foundation is a non-profit organization that helps to eradicate breast cancer by exposing young people to methods of prevention, early detection and support.

But this is the best part…

It’s all done through art. 

On December 10th, Keep A Breast Canada held it’s first ever Breast Cast exhibit and auction at the Ayden Gallery in downtown Vancouver.

Artists placed strips of gauze with plaster over volunteers breasts to create a caste. The cast in then painted to “communicate complex feelings and thoughts about health, the female form, and ultimately about breast cancer.” 

It goes on to say…

“The Treasured Chest Program strives to give newly diagnosed women a way to document their body and their feelings at a specific time in their life (i.e. after losing a breast or being told they have breast cancer). You may be facing a dramatic change in your female form resulting in the loss of a breast (mastectomy), partial removal of a breast (lumpectomy) or shrinkage of a breast caused by radiation. By documenting a specific point in your breast cancer journey, the Treasured Chest program allows newly diagnosed women the opportunity to turn their casted torso into a beautiful piece of art.”

The best part about this is how totally open people are to turning their bodies into a form of art for other people’s viewing. It’s a creative way to rid the taboo of “cancerous bodies.” 


Women: The Most Powerful Brand Ambassadors.



Normally my LinkedIn account sends me “discussion topics” that are irrelevant and annoying. But obviously, this one caught my eye! 

Guess what! A new study shows that women are the most powerful brand ambassadors. 

Why, you ask?!


“…there’s no one a woman trusts more for advice, recommendations and guidance than another woman in her circle. And when you factor in that women account for 85% of all consumer purchases including everything from autos to health care, it only stands to reason that the most powerful ambassador a brand can have… is a woman”.

Awwwwwww yeaaaaaaa. 

SO, A tip for the modern business owner: Empower women by offering them exclusive offers and “insider” type of info about contests and promotions, etc. Then when one woman in their “circle” – be it online or off, asks another for advice or suggestions or recommendations, they will tell them all about your wonderful brand… and there will be joy in the land.



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Wow.. are we really taking these steps back? I can’t get over how disrespectful this is. Who makes these decisions?!?! And where is our voice?

Feminist Philosophers

Canada’s newest bank notes — $50 bills made from a plastic polymer — started circulating Monday. Sadly the Famous Five aren’t on them.

The front of the new note features a portrait of Sir William Lyon Mackenzie King, while the back depicts the Arctic research icebreaker CCGS Amundsen. Missing are the Famous Five, the women who are responsible for women being considered “persons under the law” in Canada.

“It may seem like an innocuous change, but it is a symbol of a pattern of assault on women’s issues by the Harper government,” said Newfoundland and Labrador Association of Public and Private Employees President Carol Furlong. “The battle that these women fought to have women recognized under the law as people is a crucial part of our country’s history. The decision to remove a reference to these women, their struggle and their historic accomplishment from the new 50 dollar bill should…

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Rare Colour Photo from 1942


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If you’re into history like I am you’ll find this fascinating. This picture was taken in June of 1942, when colour cameras were extremely rare. 

Exposures at this time in history usually took several hours or even days, and the quality and colour ranges were extremely limited. 

Looking at the black-and-white photographs from decades ago make me feel a disconnect to the people and places — they are just so DIFFERENT from my world. But when I saw the same-type photographs in colour, I felt much more connected to it. Suddenly, they didn’t seem worlds away. 

Obviously I chose to post this picture of the woman working, but they are all quite intriguing. 

She is an aircraft worker for Vega Aircraft Corporation, California. She is checking the electrical assemblies. What serious girl power! (Especially for her time). 

Pretty neat, huh! 


Gene Simmons: A Weakness for Women.


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Gene Simmons and his lovely girlfriend (wife?) Shannon Tweed showed up in Toronto last week and had an interview on CityTV before they attended a fundraiser for the Heart & Stroke Foundation.

Gene was fairly quiet throughout the interview and at first I thought he felt as though he was “dragged” to the interview by Tweed and couldn’t care less about the organization and what he was representing. He even wore his sunglasses inside during the interview (I guess rockstars are entitled to that).

THEN, straight out of left field, Gene had something to say, and everyone listened:

“Every day is women’s day. You are the life givers . . . This is a wake-up note to all you guys; When you hear the word ‘woman’ it’s very convenient, it’s just one of those words you read about, it’s very non-committal.
Here’s what woman means… It means your mother, it means your daughter, your sister, your loved one, your girlfriend, your wife. It’s the most important word. We’re less important than women, trust me. They give life.”

Well thanks Gene! We’re really flattered about this but just wanted to say that we’re not “better” than men. Both women and men bring separate qualities to the table, and every person as an individual brings their own, too. 


Regardless, I’m blushing!!                         

Watch The Full Interview Here





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As a feminist blogger I’m not sure if I should feel disappointed that I missed International Womens Day last week. It’s not a day I necessarily celebrate and thus did not have anything in particular to say. 

I’m more proud that I missed writing about Valentine’s Day.. what a total drag for single people! 

I’d rather focus on the day-to-day. 

So here it goes.. 

With all this talk about the next United States Presidential Campaign it has me thinking ….. 

If more women were in positions of high power, do you think the world would be more peaceful? 

I am a huge believer in gender balance. At school, at work, in my personal life.. I always love a mix of genders to balance the testosterone with the estrogen and vice versa. Too many girls in a room can get catty… Too many guys in a room can get rough. Some of my best friends are girls. Some of my best friends are guys. When I need to vent, I seek the comfort of my woman friends. When I need to veg out and be drama-free, I’ll definitely seek the companionship of a man. (Although I can do both these things with both guys and girls). 

Some University psychology classes have shaped my opinion about our actions. By nature, men tend to be more aggressive than women. Take a group of lions for example. The males must “compete” with each other to show they are stronger, as the female will seek out the strongest in an effort to in turn have strong offspring. It’s not the lioness being superficial (obviously), It’s really just a survival method. By choosing the strongest male, the higher the chances that their offspring will survive and thus they can protect their “seed” and ensure that their genes are carried on. 

Men tend to be more aggressive than women in this way. It’s pretty obvious with humans too. If two men are interested in one women, they often point fingers at each and get physically harmful with one another. 

I’m not saying women are better than men. It’s no secret that women can have negative qualities too. For one, we get really, really gossipy! Women generally can rely too much on their emotions and intuition than hard figures and facts and thus can get in the way of making important decisions (but often it can help the situation too). 

Women tend to be more nurturing (an effect of being pre-wired for motherhood). This could be a great quality in repairing damaged world-wide relationships and to provide a deeper understanding of one another. Of course, we need the men too! What I’m saying here is… a balance is key. 

There is a huge international movement for peace but I don’t think there are enough leaders who are listening. 

So what do you think.. should more women be world leaders?