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I’m disappointed to learn that last Monday night Rihanna and Chris Brown dropped a public duet remix of “Birthday Cake” even after he BEAT her silly in 2009.

I mean, come on, you could have picked anyone else in the world to do this with, and you picked Chris Brown. He doesn’t even have THAT much talent… it would have been soooo easy to go with someone else.
Rihanna, Puh-Leez!! It’s pretty obvious that your show was a GIANT MONEY MAKING SCAM. 

I think it’s great that Rihanna has been able to move on from that dark point in her life. I even think it’s great that her and Chris are friends again, but I think she overstepped the line. It’s almost like she’s PUSHING it in our faces.

I’m not surprised through; Rihanna has a history of a rebellious nature. 

Rihanna, I just think you need to look at the facts here: You are a major figure in the public eye. And your main audience? Young teenage girls. Being a public relations specialist I believe that Rihanna should be aware at all times of the messages she sends out not only from her words, but more importantly her actions. 

Many young girls are still learning by example and may not be mature enough to have a fully established set of personal morals… I just hope you know how hugely influential you are in many young people’s lives.

Ladies, in case you’re wondering.. normal guys don’t do this. EVER. 

Someone needs to teach Rihanna about the social learning theory… fast!