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Gene Simmons and his lovely girlfriend (wife?) Shannon Tweed showed up in Toronto last week and had an interview on CityTV before they attended a fundraiser for the Heart & Stroke Foundation.

Gene was fairly quiet throughout the interview and at first I thought he felt as though he was “dragged” to the interview by Tweed and couldn’t care less about the organization and what he was representing. He even wore his sunglasses inside during the interview (I guess rockstars are entitled to that).

THEN, straight out of left field, Gene had something to say, and everyone listened:

“Every day is women’s day. You are the life givers . . . This is a wake-up note to all you guys; When you hear the word ‘woman’ it’s very convenient, it’s just one of those words you read about, it’s very non-committal.
Here’s what woman means… It means your mother, it means your daughter, your sister, your loved one, your girlfriend, your wife. It’s the most important word. We’re less important than women, trust me. They give life.”

Well thanks Gene! We’re really flattered about this but just wanted to say that we’re not “better” than men. Both women and men bring separate qualities to the table, and every person as an individual brings their own, too. 


Regardless, I’m blushing!!                         

Watch The Full Interview Here